God’s Protection

Psalm 23 asks for God’s protection

There was one length of our road trip where we were following a bad thunder storm. A driver in the lane beside me was not being too careful…yet. While he was passing me, I witnessed our potential collision. He hit a puddle and started to hydroplane. The vehicle swung perpendicular to his lane the opposite direction of me. I sent up a quick prayer and braced for impact. I watched as the truck tried to correct it’s self. It completely missed our lane. I later asked the children if they saw the angel at the corner of our car, protecting us from an accident. You can’t stop a car pulling a camper in the middle of a down pour very quickly, even if they are going under the speed limit. God can protect his people. Your prayers don’t have to be fancy, just heart felt. Latter I saw that same truck driving in the slow lane, looking a little distraught, but driving at a much more reasonable speed.