Lazerus and the Rich Man

Lazarus and the Rich Man

Bible: Luke 16:19-31

Lesson: There are two places we can go when we die. What are they? (Heaven and Hell) What is Hell like? (hot, ugly, ouchies, sickness, separation from God) What is Heaven like? (Beautiful, peaceful, joyful, and happiness, together with God) When we leave this world we will go and live in one of these two places forever. Which one do you want to live in? I have a story about two men. One loved God and followed Him, but this man, Lazerus had many ouchies on his skin. They hurt really bad and because of these ouchies he couldn’t work and make money for food. No one wanted to be near him. The bible says that everyday he would sit by a rich man’s house and ask for crumbs of food from the rich mans table. He just wanted a little food. The food that the rich man was going to throw away. The rich man would not give him any food. Do you know what the bible says about this? Does God want him to help this man that can’t make money for food? (Yes, he wants the rich man to help Lazarus.)
Now time pasted and both the rich man and Lazarus died. Remember I said there are Two places and that everyone will go to one of them. What place do you think the Rich man went? (Hell, he disobeyed God’s command to help the poor.) Where do you think Lazarus went? (Heaven, He obeyed God.)
When Lazarus was in Heaven and the rich man in Hell. The rich man asked if Lazarus could come and give him just a little water because he was so sad and hot. The rich man was told that there is a great big hole between heaven and Hell and that no one can cross it once they die.
The decisions you make right now to obey God or not to obey God will put you in Heaven or Hell. If you choose not to believe and obey God you will go to Hell. And if you believe in Jesus and obey you will live in Heaven forever. It is your choice. The rich man made a poor choice and chose not to obey. Even though he had many ouchies, Lazarus made a good choice and chose to believe and obey. The good news is that each of you get to choose where you will live forever. No one can take that away from you.

Important Point: You get to choose to believe in Jesus and obey God. You get to choose where you will live, Heaven or Hell.

Direction: Print out The Rich Man and Lazarus, Yes or No, Boy and Girl. Cut out the Yes or No, Boys and Girls. Glue a line on the back of the Yes or No on both sides, in the middle, and across the bottom to create pockets for the girls and boys. The children get to glue the boys and girls into the yes pocket. At this age we get to tell them where we want them to be. If they insist on no, don’t glue it. This would be a good lesson to get a pack of those shiny stars stickers and have the children stick them all over the Heaven pocket.
Materials: Scissors, stick glue, shiny star stickers, kid friendly markers

Lazarus and the Rich Man(Click here to download PDF)

Learning Moments:

This is a major topic! My kids understood that there is a Heaven and a Hell. More and more there are professing Christians that have some of these concepts mixed up. If your kids have never heard some of these ideas, be sensitive. Insure them that they can choose Heaven and you may have a chance to pray with them right there! They are smarter then they look.

On another note. This week I thought I forgot to push record. (Sometimes you have to push it twice.) So I told them the story again. God must have thought they needed to hear it twice or I needed to redo it. When I got home I found both on the down load. Go Figure. So you all got the best one I could do. I also found out that I need an audience to do this. It is really hard to get excited about talk to yourself.