Tell of Your Hope

Be prepared to tell of your hope

Bible: “Be prepared to tell of your hope” 1 Peter 3:14-17

Lesson: In the Bible Peter tells us to “Be prepared to tell of your hope.” What is hope? Hope is knowing in your heart that something good is going to happen, even if you can’t see it (point to your eyes). We put our hope in Jesus and something good…like going to Heaven… will come. This good, that we know will happen, makes us happy. (Put some cookies in the middle of the table.) How would you feel if I were to tell you that you may not eat these cookies, but I am going to keep them there on the table? –sad! Now, how would you feel if I told you that you will be able to have a cookie after the lesson? Does that give you hope? Hope is very important! It gives us something good to look forward to, especially if bad things are happening right now. When you believe in Jesus, He gives us hope to go to Heaven. Jesus is the only one you should put your hope in. He is the only one that can get you into Heaven. Hope is something very special! “I want to tell other people of my hope.” How can I tell other people about my hope in Jesus?
Your testimony! My testimony is a big word for the good things God has done for you. What is my testimony? My testimony telling people the story of the good things God has done in my life. This is how God has helped you. All of you should have a testimony so you can tell others. It is simply a list of ways God has helped me. Lets write a list of things God has done in our lives. Tell me how God has helped you. (Write examples on the board that the children yell out. These will be mostly things they can see.)(house, hospital, doctors, dentist, paper, clothes)
Did you know there are ways God is helping you right now even though you can’t see them? The Bible says that God gives breath. Breath in and out. (Let the kids do this several times. It will help focus them.) Without God we couldn’t do that. Without breath we would be dead. So thank you God for breath. In the Bible God has also told us the best ways to live. Have you heard about the Ten Commandments? If your mom and dad are married and happy, you can write that down as something God has done for you. You may not know how great that is unless you know someone that doesn’t have both their mommy and there daddy together. There are lots of ways God helps us even though you can’t see them right now. Can we think of some ways God helps us even though we can’t see them? Some of these thing you might not even think are blessings…like school. But they are! Lots of kids can’t go to school and they have to dig through garbage. (God made you, Jesus loves you, school, good friends that don’t hurt you, able to go to church, allowed to read the Bible…) We are going to write a testimony that you can share.

Important Point: Be prepared to tell people how God has helped you in your life.

Direction: Have two plates of cookies. (Each should have enough cookies to give one to each child.) Hide one plate and have one to put on the table at the beginning of the lesson. (When it says to) The hidden one will come out at the end of the lesson. Print out one Large Testimony Book, and Be Prepared to Tell about Jesus for each child. The books are to be printed front and back of the papers. Cut them apart on the dotted lines and fold them on the slashed lines. Staple the books in the middle. Glue the large book in the middle of the large open space of the Be Prepared to Tell About Jesus page. Help the children fill out their large book.
Materials: Two plates of cookies (each has one for each child), Colors, scissors, stapler, and glue.

Tell of your hope (Click to download pdf)

Learning Moments:

I totally messed up the pdf Testimony books! I will need some more time to be sure they are in order, and how exactly we should print them. I improvised this Sunday. We glued the pictures to a new smaller booklet. It was just fine, but I don’t want you to have to go through the confusion of saddle stitch books. I’ll work this out before I up load the pdf.

I got them to work! Yeah!