Easter Week Devotional

Easter Devotional (Click to download PDF) This is a fun Easter Week Devotional that we can do with the whole family.  Each night at dinner I do one object lesson to reinforce the different things that Jesus did during this Resurrection Season.  Sunday school can only cover so much during Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday.  […] Read more »

Palm Sunday and Sin and Forgiveness II, Communion

Palm Sunday and Sin and Forgiveness II, Communion Bible: Matthew 21:1-11 Lesson: It was almost time for Jesus to go into Jerusalem.  He told two of His disciples to go into the village and bring to me the first donkey and colt you see.  If the owner says, “hey, where are you taking my donkeys.  […] Read more »

Easter Resurrection Lesson

Early Easter Resurrection Lesson (No Video yet) Easter Resurrection Sunday (Click on the Link to download the pdf) Learning Moments: I haven’t done this lesson, yet.  I thought it would be valuable to you to have it before Easter.  I’ll let you know how it goes after Easter. Read more »

Jellybean Gospel Activity

Jellybean Gospel: Put one of each color of Jelly Bean (Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Black, White, Purple, and Pink) in a plastic egg.  Make one for each child.  Punch a hole into the circle of each card below, thread with a six inch piece of ribbon, and make a knot with the ends.  Have the […] Read more »