Favorite Websites


Incredible! This is the best thing since chocolate covered gummy bears. A Sunday School teachers dream. Sunday school that the kids love and discipleship teaching they need. It’s funny, engaging, and packed with biblical information most adults don’t know. In addition, the age range that can engage in these video clips is huge. My 3 year old the whole way up to my teenager, stop everything to watch JellyTelly each day. It is a blessing from the Lord. And the best 4.99 I pay each month.
Go to: Jellytelly.com


The author of this site is developing the Proverbs Project for preschooler.  It is great.  It is stepping through the proverbs according to character topic and always has something hands-on that the children can do.  Check it out!


Free maps of the Holy Land, free flip charts, free pictures, and free download of Bible Trading Cards.  They have free lessons and hard to find resources such as a scale model of the Tabernacle (It’s very cool!).


If you want a fun way to teach your children, lapbooks are the way to go (especially for the hands-on learners).  A file folder folded to organize games, art work, minibooks, instruction and writings.  It holds all of the things they needed to learn that specific topic.  This website has many lapbooks, videos on how to create them, and links to the artwork.  It is sometimes hard to find things on the website, because there is so much information there.  I recommend using the search engine for the bible topic you are interested in creating.    This is a great way for parents to teach their children about the Bible and Jesus.  And it’s FREE