Money and Giving

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”

(Matt 6:21)

Where you put your money shows what you value the most. It is incredibly important that children learn what giving is and how it plays out in their lives. If in the beginning, they take it out of their allowance. It won’t seem like a loss, but a gain. They get to put their money in the giving tray. As Sunday school teachers and parents we need to be able to tell then children who their giving money is going to help. Children are natural givers. If you include them in your giving and allow them to experience giving their own money, they will often become excited about helping others. Teach the children that God gave all money to us and that we need to give it back to Him, through giving to the church and missions. It is His after all.

I just created a Value-Based lesson/ games folder to teach and play with young children. This large Folder-Games file, not only teaches the mathematical value of money, but also bible verses and principles of giving, saving and spending.

Click to download pdfs diagrams and instructions:

Learning About Money Instructions

Learning About Money-Money

Learning About Money Games

Learning About Money Bible Lessons

Video Lessons on Giving:

Widow’s mite (Click to link to post)

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