Lapbook Learning

Lapbook Learning:

Lapbooks are file folders used to display learning crafts, games and notable work on a subject.  They are scrapbooks that kids make to learn something important.  The kids love them because they love working with their hands.  The parents love them because they can teach in depth material in way kids want to learn.  Lapbooks also have a residual teaching effect.  The final product is a keepsake.  The kids are proud of their work.  They love to show it with others and explain every part of their treasure.  Every time they teach someone else from their lapbook, they reinforce their learning of the subject.  If it is a bible lapbook, they also share that knowledge they’ve gained with others.  It’s a beautiful tool that has been used in homeschool for years.  It is time for us, parents and Sunday school  teachers, to harness the power of the lapbook for Jesus.