Psalm 23: Summer Sunday School

Lesson Day Four:  God Blesses Us In Heaven Lesson: Recite Psalm 23 with the children. We have been memorizing Psalm 23.  The first week we talked about God’s Provision (giving us the things that we need).  The Second week we talked about how He protects us and/or gives us peace where anywhere he has us.  […] Read more »

Psalm 23 Hand Motions

Hand Motions to Help Remember Psalm 23: ( If you are confused, you can watch videos of these signs at the web site. 1 The Lord is my shepherd. He gives me everything I need.  (1. point to yourself and 2. Need: close hand and make a hook with your pointer, nod (yes) with […] Read more »

The Summer Plan

Summer is Here! I have diligently been working on my summer programs this year.  My heart was for  the children  to remember scripture through a mission’s lens.  It has proven to be more challenging than I anticipated.  Love is quintessential to the Christian faith, yet my search for an in depth studies for children was […] Read more »