Mission Haiti

Mission to Haiti

You can donate for my trip at SundaySchoolLady.com.

Many people don’t know that I have previous experience in the medical field.  I was a certified EMT, and I have a BS for Athletic Training.  I always wondered how God was going to use my past experience.  I came to a living relationship with Jesus later in life.  After 11 years of pregnancy and nursing, I now homeschool and teach Sunday School.  I spend very little thought on my medical background.  I’m surprised at the excitement that bubbled-up inside of me when I heard about a medical mission trip to Haiti.  That interest is still deep inside of me.  Combining my experience with my passion for missions, wow what an explosion of emotion.
There is more to this then skills and mission passion.  When I first heard about the earthquake in Haiti, I felt a deep down ache and call to prayer.  I remember crying  to the Lord to, “send me.”   Sitting here in Oregon, a long way from Haiti, it seemed a monumental task.  In my mind it was impossible.  What is impossible for man, is possible for God.  So I continue to learn that God has ways and means that I am not privy to know. (Imagine that)
A friend of mine that often does trips to Haiti for an orphanage is organizing medical missions to a clinic in the mountains near Port-au-prince.  They work with a larger mission that rotates volunteers in one week chunks.  The goal is to treat and pray for over 1,000 people a week.  The conditions are primitive and the need is great.  All I can say is, “Here I am Lord, send me!”
Everyone has heard of Haiti’s needs.  Not everyone can go.  But everyone has an opportunity to gather some items that can help.  We are taking hygiene bags and over the counter medical supplies along with our regular equipment.

I’m going through Mountain Top Ministries.

How to Make Hygiene Bags: — In one Gallon zip lock  –wash cloth –travel soap  –travel toothpaste  –toothbrush  –travel shampoo  (most of this you can get at the dollar store)

Medical Supplies (over the counter): Infant acetaminophen, Ointment, Pregnancy tests, reading glasses, Preparation H, Band-aids, Allergy medicine, Batteries (not dollar store-don’t last)  (most of this can be acquired at the Dollar Store)