Know the Bible, Don’t Change it!

Know the Bible–Don’t Change it!

Holy Men that Listened to God Wrote the Bible!

The Bible is God’s Words!

Bible: 2 Tim 3:16-17, 2 Peter 1-2, Isaiah 40:6-8, Rev 22:18-19

The Bible tells us that we should not change the or remove any words in it.  It warrens us of false teachings.  Teachers that tell untrue things about what the Bible says.  So were does that Bible come from and how do we know it is true?
The Bible was written by holy men of God.  It is God’s words written down from us.   Because there were some people that wanted to change the words of the Bible to say the things they wanted them to say.  Many holy men prayed, read and chose the Bible Canon.
What is a Bible Canon?  It is a Library of Books that 1. Were inspired by God. 2. Were consistent with the whole Bible. 3. Were written by holy men.
The Bible is a Library of Books written by people who listened to God.  It is divided into two parts.  Do you know what those two parts are?  -the old testament and new testament.  The old testament has 39 books in it.  And the new testament has 27.  They have divided those books by how they were used.  Have you ever seen your mom and dad organize a book shelf?  That is what they did to the Bible.  There are books about God’s Laws, History of His people, Poetry, Major (big) and minor (little) Prophets.   The New Testament is also divide into uses, as well.  There are books about Jesus’ life on earth, “the gospels;” History of the Jesus’ church;  Letter’s to the Churches; and Prophecy, things that will happen in the future.  The Bible is full of wonderful words from God, that is why Jesus friend’s said not to change the meaning of any words.  It is important to never change the meaning of the words God gave us in the Bible.

Important Point:
The Bible was written by holy men for God.  It is God’s words written down for us.  Don’t change it!

Direction: Print out Do Not Change the Bible( Print in card stock) and Uses for the Bible Books (Print in card stock).   Cut out the Uses for the Bible Book tags and put a small piece of velcro on the back of each book tag.  Put the other side of the velcro on the shelves of the book shelf on the Do Not Change the Bible page.
Materials: Colors, scissors, card stock and Velcro.  If you don’t have velcro, you can glue the books on the shelves.

Do not change the bible -Younger (Click to download pdf)

Do not change the bible -Older (1st-4th grade) (Click to download pdf)

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