Paul: Armor of God

Armor of God

Bible: Ephesians 6:10-17

Lesson: How would you like to be a knight in shining armor?  I want to wear shinning armor!  Did you know that the bible tells us how to put on God’s Shinning Armor?  In Ephesians 6, Paul who is in a roman jail, was looking at the soldier guarding him.  May be he was thinking, “I want to that kind of shinning armor.”  Do you know what shinning armor does?  –It protects you from getting ochies.  While he was thinking about the shinning armor, God told him of the shinning armor that he was already wearing.  Do you know that, if you have Jesus in your heart, you can put on God’s Shinning Armor too?   I’m wearing some right now.  This is armor you can’t see.  So that you can better imagine my armor, I’ll put on tinfoil. (make a pile of 6 -3foot pieces of tinfoil)
Helmet of Salvation (make a helmet out a tinfoil)
Breastplate of Righteousness (tuck this piece in around your neck to stay on)
Belt of truth (Make a belt)
Shield of Faith (fold it flat two times)
Sword of the Word (The Bible and a tinfoil sword)
Shoes of the gospel of Peace (wrap around your shoes)

Important Point: Go to God to get your God’s Shinning Armor.

Direction: Print out Armor of God and Armor of God Puzzle.  Cut out a puzzle for each child.  Cut on the dotted lines to separate the pieces of armor and paper clip each stack.  Be sure to cut on the dotted squares.  This will lessen the impact of cutting out so many little pieces.  Have the children glue the pieces of the armor puzzle to the Armor of God paper.  Allow the children to color.
Materials: Colors, scissors, and glue.
Activity Materials: Tin foil, Bible

Armor of God PDF for SSP(Click to download pdf activity sheets)

Learning Moments: This year is so different from last year.  I really have a preschool class this year.  All of my big girls have moved up to the next class.  The mean age has dropped by years.  And Teach Carol has move on to other ministries and the lovely and very talented Teacher Amanda is now teaching the older kids.  When I get the chance I will video her (if she will let me :)).  I’m looking forward to this Sunday school year.  I hope you are too.

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