Road Post End

The Sun Has Set on Our Family Road Trip

I come back with renewed energy to tackle the fall Sunday School Season.  What an adventure that was!  I’m ready to begin a new adventure…instructing children in the ways of Jesus.  “The Way” was the name given to the new believers in Jesus during the early church years.  It is the instructions of the early church which we will be incorporating into our Sunday school lessons this fall.

Armor of God, Peter’s Instructions (Show Proper Respect, Be Prepared to Tell of Your Hope, Do Not Change the Bible, Care for the Widows and Orphans), John’s instruction Revelation, and Jesus is Coming Back!  Praise the Lord!

That will lead into the Christmas Season.  After Christmas I will start into the long awaited Old Testament.  (Lord willing I will do this or that.)  I’m excited to get started and to grow closer to Jesus along with you.

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