Psalm 23: Summer Sunday School

Lesson Day Three:  God Blesses Now

Drawing By Sherry

Lesson:  Recite Psalm 23 with the children.
We have been memorizing Psalm 23.  The first week we talked about God’s Provision (giving us the things that we need).  The Second week we talked about how He protects us and/or gives us peace where anywhere he has us.  This week we will be talking about the way God Blesses us here on earth when we follow Him.  The new verse is:
5 You prepare a feast for me right in front of my enemies.
You pour oil on my head.
My cup runs over.
God Blesses us now.  As we go through life now on earth and follow Him (do what He says in the bible and in prayer), God will bless us with the things that matter.  He will give us the things we need to keep our marriages together and happy.  He will help us with train our children.  And He will give us wisdom and joy to use for His glory.  He will even care for us when we get hurt.  All the time we are trusting in Jesus and He is helping us, others, that don’t know Him, are watching us.  They are watching to see if God is real in our lives.  The blessings are like a feast and there are enemies watching but there are also “future Christians” watching.  So pretend you were eating a box of these donuts (blessings), do you think someone might want one?  You bet yah!  (show them the box, let them smell them)  These represent blessings that God allows us to enjoy here on earth.  (point out a few of the words, blessing on the donuts)  These look good don’t they.  Well, all children and adults want these things.  What would happen if I didn’t do what God told me to do?  That is like stepping on the blessing God wanted me to have.  (step on the donut, but don’t use a cream filled or it could get even more messy.  Sprinkle some dirt on top and step on it some more.)  I’m not talking about the bad things that happen to us that we don’t choose.  Those are to help us move closer to God.  I’m talking about the bad things that happen because we choose not to listen to God.  Does anyone want to eat this donut?  (Be sure the squashed donut is really dirty, or you may have some takers, if they didn’t eat breakfast.)  Do you think that others would want to follow God, if you make fun of them or do something else the Bible tells us not to do?  God gives us blessings to tell us we are going the right and to show the world that they should follow too.  Would you like to share in some of these blessings?  (Handout the donuts)

Important Point: God blesses those who follow Him now (with things that really matter.)

Directions: Before your class make little blessing signs.  Print out God Blesses Now blessings page(add a few if you want).  Tape them to the top of toothpicks and place them into the donuts/ donut holes (depending on how adventurous you are feeling).
Materials: Assorted donuts (one for each child plus a few extra) or donut holes, toothpicks, tape,  1/4 cup dirt.

Side note: Be sure you don’t get mixed up in what is a blessing from God and what is a distraction away from Him.  Some children may look at others that aren’t following and think that they have more “blessings”, but it is really only stuff they have, not blessings.

Psalm 23 week 3 ssp (Click to download pdf activity sheets)

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