Pentecost and the Holy Spirit

Pentecost and the Holy Spirit has moved to

Pentecost is a great time to introduce the Holy Spirit to the young children.

Bible: Acts 2:1-47

Lesson: Jesus said “Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promised, which you have heard me speak about.” Jesus friends were waiting in Jerusalem for Jesus’ gift. Now God had told the Hebrews, through Moses, to set up some party’s to help them remember God.

One party is called Passover (around Easter).

The second Party is (50 days later) called Pentecost. Pentecost is the celebration of: 1. The Wheat Harvest -saying thank you to God for giving us wheat to eat, because wheat makes bread. 2. Moses given the Ten Commandments (Torah). So God’s people from all over the world (at that time) were in Jerusalem for the Pentecost Party. In Jerusalem, Jesus friends were waiting for their gift. At Pentecost they were praying and they heard a big boom as the Holy Spirit came down like fire and landed on their heads. (Use a picture of a tongue of fire) They were filled with the Holy Spirit and they started talking in different languages. The gift had come! The people outside heard the Boom and their different Languages. They wondered what was going on? So Peter spoke and told them about Jesus and 3000 believed and were baptized. When they went back home they told everyone what happened. If you asked Jesus into your heart, you can have this gift. The Holy Spirit wants to live inside of you and show others Jesus. God’s spirit inside of you! The bible says that the people were baptized, and we will be talking about baptism again.

Important Point: God gave us the Holy Spirit as a gift to all who believe in Him. Jesus wants to live inside our hearts!

Direction: Print out Pentecost and the Holy Spirit, and Tongues of Fire. Cut out the tongues of fire for a demonstration. Add a bow to the tongue of fire or put it in a gift box. Print out Pentecost and have children color it. Glue or staple curly ribbon to the front of the page and make bows with the ribbon.
Materials: tongue of fire with ribbon or gift box. Curly ribbon, stapler or glue, colors

Hair dryer to blow air and hold up a ping-pong ball: You can’t see the air but you can see what it does. Turn on a hair dryer, blowing up. Place a ping-pong ball in the stream of air. It will float.
Materials: Hair dryer, ping-pong ball

Pentecost ssp (Click for pdfs)

Learning Moments: Interestingly this morning, I found myself telling my children that all Sunday School Teachers should have a hair dryer. They all had never seen my hair dryer before and were completely curious about it. I don’t dry my hair, but I love to explain the Holy Spirit with my hair dryer. At least once a year I get it out to do my lesson. Hair dryers are also go for making hovercrafts, but that is another lesson.

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