Women’s Retreat 2010

Retreats are often great places to socialize, worship, eat and learn a few things, but mostly they aren’t relaxing. So the word retreat is actually a misnomer, it is a retreat from life but not activity. But this retreat was different! I took just an hour in a bubble bath with an audio of “The Faith,” by Chuck Colson, instead of going to breakfast. It was the most important rejuvenating time the entire retreat. As if I was cleansed both inside and out, I was recharged and ready to reengage in a positive energetic way. The wonderful claw foot tub was my sanctuary, and Jesus met me there. It is funny that we could go to a Women’s Bible Retreat and not take the time to connect with the one who brought us there in the first place. I rejoice in the Lord for He is good and his faithful love endures forever. I thank Jesus for meeting me there, the women for all their hard work, and my husband for making it happen.

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