Mother’s Day Planter

Eggshell Planters with Flower for Mom

Instruction Video


I will be making 12 eggshell planters.  One for each child.  Look for a paper egg carton with a flat bottom.  Make eggs to eat and save the shells.   I tried to make mine 2/3s to have a larger planter.  If you only want to use 12 eggs, crack them at the halfway mark.  Wash them with soap and water.  Rinse the eggshells in vinegar, then in water and let them dry.  Cut off the bottom of the egg cartons.  One for each shell.  Give each of the children a carton holder to color.  After they’re finished give each an eggshell planter to put into the holder.  Let each of the children fill the planter 1/2 full with dirt.  Place the plant in the planter and add the rest of the dirt.  Be sure to demonstrate how to hold the plant while adding the rest of the dirt.  The teacher should add a little water to the planter.  Let the planters alone until the parents come.


Paper egg carton with a flat bottom, eggs, crayons, vinegar, scissors, 4 cups of planting soil, a garden trowel, 12 small flower plants and a teapot or watering pitcher with water.

Extra activities:

You can hot glue a ribbon around the eggshells for the children.
Materials:  pretty ribbon.

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