Saul’s Meets Jesus

Saul’s Light to Paul’s Basket

Bible: Acts 9:1-25

Lesson: Saul, whose name will be changed to Paul, was going on a trip to hurt Jesus’ friends in Damascus.  Saul didn’t believe Jesus was the son of God.  When Saul was almost at the city of Damascus, a bright light flashed and a booming sound came from Heaven.  Saul fell on the ground.  Jesus said, “Saul, Saul why are you against me?” Saul asked who He was.  The voice from Heaven said, “I am Jesus.  Get up and go into the city and I will tell you what you must do.”  The light went away, but when Saul opened his eyes he still couldn’t see.  The men he was with helped him into the city.  He laid down and would not eat or drink.  He just prayed.  As he was praying Jesus asked Ananias, a friend of his, to lay his hands on Saul’s eyes and pray for them to be opened.  Ananias listen to Jesus.  Saul was filled with the Holy Spirit and he could see again.  He got up and was Baptized.  He started teaching in the synagog, or church.  He clearly told them that Jesus is the son of God and He is the Messiah they have been waiting for.  Many of them believed in Jesus because of Saul.  But their were a few with hard hearts and they wanted to hurt Saul.  They waited by the city gates for Saul to leave so that they could hurt him.  Back then cities were surrounded by high stone walls and the only way to get in or out was through the gates.  Saul’s friends found out and lowered him down to the ground in a basket through a hole in the wall.

Important Point: God is shiny!  God is Holy!
Direction: Print out Saul Meets Jesus.  Mix up the scratch off black paint and get the water cups and paint brushes.  Have the children color each triangle-section with crayons.  Then have the children lightly paint the crayon section.  Have them blow on them or wave them so that they will dry as quickly as possible.  You want to get them painted as soon as possible, so that they will dry.  (about 15 min.) Even if they are still damp, if they are dry on top the children can use their finger nails to gently scratch off some paint.  You can also use a quarter to scratch off the paint.  **Be sure to be heavy on the crayons and very light on the paint.

Have pipe cleaners to create “sunglasses” while you are waiting for the paint.  Three pipe cleaners for each pair.  Make a figure 8 with one pipe cleaner for the eye glass part.  Connect the other 2 pipe cleaners on either side of the glasses and curve the ends around for ear pieces.

Materials: Flavoring extracts, cornstarch, black tempera paint, paint bowl, foam brushes, water cups, three pipe cleaners/ child, and crayons.

Fast drying scratch off paint:

1 tsp flavoring extract

3/4 cup cornstarch

3/4 cup  black paint

Use a very light coat of paint over a very heavy coat of crayon.  Spread with a foam brush because it will be easier to get a thinner, more ever layer of paint.  It will start to dry in 5 min.   At that point if you are in a hurry, you can let the children scratch and it will turn out great still.  (just a little more messy)  It takes about 20 min. for it to completely dry.  (A very light coat of paint means that you can see some streaks of crayon through the black.)

Saul meets Jesus ssp (Click to Download pdf)

Learning Moments:

I had a full class Sunday, because of a miss understanding.  but that was totally OK!  In fact, it was even more opportunity to try my new scratch-off paint recipe.  It worked best with the children that were heavy on the crayon and very, very light on the paint.  After I mixed it up, I decided it was best to use a foam brush.  That worked really well!  The paint took about 20 min. to fully dry but only 5 to dry enough to scratch off.  Caution: Scratching too hard will tear the paper, especially when it is wet.  The recipe is in the pdf and the recipe link.

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