Easter Sunday 2010

Resurrection Lesson

Bible: Matthew 21-28, Mark 11-16, Luke 19-24, John 12-21

Lesson: Resurrection Story Puppet Show

Important Point: Jesus is alive and I can be too!

Direction: Modified Resurrection Egg Lapbook.
Materials: Colors, scissors, and glue.

Extra activities: Color Gospel Pin from Oriental Trade Company

Resurrection Story Puppet Show (Click to download pdf)

The church bought the Nativity and (what they call)Inspirational puppet sets at Oriental Trade Company.  They have the best prices for puppets.  I’ve been able to do a lot with them!

Modified Resurrection Egg Lapbook (Click to link to post)

I used the real resurrection eggs to tell them the story while they colored the lapbook sets.

Learning Moments:

I don’t have a lot of preparation time on Sunday mornings.  With my large family, I don’t ever have a lot of prep or practice time.  We have to do some impromptu.  I forgot the rock, and all we could find was a small stone that got lost before I could use it.  John forgot to take his shoe off before we started, and I lost my spot on the instructions several times.  But amazingly, the children still loved it.  I noticed that some of the first time children were having a hard time adjusting in the beginning.  After the puppet show they were much more apart of the class.  I love it.

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