Lent: Sin and Forgiveness I


Lent: Sin and Forgiveness I

Bible: Exodus 12

Lesson: What is sin?- Sin is the bad things we do.  Does everyone sin? –yes, the bible says that everyone sins.  Who was the first to sin?- Adam and Eve.  In the Garden of Eden when they disobeyed God.  God said do not eat from this tree and they did.  What did God do about sin back then?  -Killed an animal to cover it up.  But they have to keep covering it up because the blood of an animal is temporary(too small).  When the children of Israel were going to leave Egypt to worship God, they needed to be cleaned from their sin.  God told them to kill a lamb and the blood on the door would tell him that they have obeyed and were clean.  That is called the Passover.  Passover is a reminder of our sin and God’s forgiveness.  We need to be clean from sin to be close to God.  The lamb’s blood was a temporary cover for sin.  But God wanted us really clean from sin so he sent Jesus.  Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins for all time.  So if these red dots are my sin (put red “drop-shaped” dots on your skin with the sponge and red tempura/acrylic paint mixed with soap) the blood of a lamb is like a band aid, it just covers up the sin.  (Place band-aids on all of the red dots.  You can use the lamb band-aids with glue stick or your own band-aids.)  Show the children that the sin ouchie is still under the band-aid.  But Jesus dying on the cross takes away your sin for good(show the picture of the cross), when you let him into your heart.  Wash off all of the ouchies with a wet wash cloth.  To have him clean all of your sin ouchies you need to ask Jesus into your heart.  Who wants to have a sin ouchie, and erase it?  (Show them on their skin how Jesus takes away their sin ouchies by using the face paint or your own paint mixture and the drop-shaped sponge, Lamb’s Blood Band Aid and erase the paint.) I asked Jesus to come into my heart.
Who here has asked Jesus into their hearts?  Who wants to?  Lets all put our hands together, close our eyes real tight and say a prayer asking Jesus to come into our hearts and thanking him that he has come in.
Prayer for Jesus to come into your heart:
T–  Thank you God for everything that you give me and thank you Jesus for dieing on the cross for me and that you are now alive.
E–  You are great big and I want to be yours
L–  I am sorry for the bad things  I have done.  Please forgive me.  And please come into my heart and be my King forever.
E– I have an ear to hear.  I will listen to you.
-In Jesus name we pray Amen.
Everyone who prayed that prayer has no more sins and has Jesus in their heart!!!!
The lamb’s blood covered up sin, but Jesus’ blood takes it away.
(Give out the I can ask Jesus into my Heart heart.)

Important Point: 1. Jesus takes away sins forever.  2. I can ask Jesus to live in my heart so I can live with God forever.

Direction: Print out The Passover with Jesus Place mat hand-out, Lamb’s Blood Band Aid(One for each child), Jesus Died on the Cross, and I Can Ask Jesus to live in my heart! (One for each child).  Cut a sponge in the shape of a small drop about an inch long (I just use my finger sometimes).  Print out I have asked Jesus to live in my heart! (Have the children color the place mat.  Laminate the mat.)
Materials: face paint/ red Tempera paint, band aids, wash cloth, dish detergent, sponge in the shape of a small drop, crayons, Laminator and laminating pages.

Craft: Lamb mask- Using a paper plate, cut holes for the eyes, staple ears on the sides, and staple string on the back.  Have the kids glue cotton balls to the front of the mask.
Materials: a paper plate/child, scissors, white liquid glue, a bag of cotton balls, black felt or construction paper for ears and nose, 4 feet of yarn

Lent6 Sin and Forgiveness I ssp (Click on the Link to download the pdf)

Learning Moments:

I had a great time with this lesson.  The red paint and the sin ouchie band-aids added a lot of interest  (I don’t recommend rubbing too hard.  My “helper” is not always so helpful, but his heart is in the right place.) .  In this lesson, I’m trying to show the link between the Old and New Testament as God’s plan of redemption unfolds into salvation.  I start at Lent every year walking through the staples of the faith (These are the lessons that are repeated.)  Easter is just one day and to cover all of what happened at that time is too much.  I’m trying to present a “bigger picture” using things they know like ouchies and band-aids.  I think I got the right radio of paint to dish detergent this time.  Good thing, I didn’t want to go to fellowship time with a red dot on my forehead.

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