This is such a vital part of our expression of love to Jesus that we want to be sure to pass it down to the next generation. Sometimes we get so caught up in the details that we lose the big picture. God loves us so much. He sent his son to die for us so that we could be with Him in heaven forever. As Jesus stands before God for us, so we should not be ashamed to stand up for Him. Baptism is a public announcement that Jesus lives in “my” heart. It symbolizes washing away the old life of sin and starting the new life forgiven of sin. –Beautiful.

As we pass this on to the next generation, I see two places the “baton” drops. The first is the over zealous parent. Children want to please their parents (some more then others for sure). The parents want this good thing for their children so much they pressure them into a decision that should be the child’s. The second is the paralyzed parent. They want this good thing just as much as the zealous parent, but they want so much for it to be the child’s decision (which it is) that they forget to instruct and tell them about baptism altogether. It is important to realize that instruction of what you believe on this topic is not the same as divisive persuasion. Be sure to openly share what you believe about baptism with your children. If your not sure what you think about it, pray, research the Bible and seek trusted Godly counsel. God will show up and help you (for those who seek).

Hear are some trusted work books to go through with your children:

For Younger Children:

For Teens:

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