What’s in the Bible? by Phil Vischer

What’s in the Bible DVD Series (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus-Deuteronomy) by Phil Vischer

Phil is on fire for Jesus!  His commitment to reach children with the message of Jesus has reached new heights of excellence.   Veggie Tales told cute bible stories that made you laugh.  They even had good simple messages.  But What’s in the Bible is meat eating that children can understand.  These little ones can understand a lot about the bible and Jesus, but are mostly limited by the teacher’s knowledge and ability to make it child friendly.  I’m not talking about pacifying the children with bible fluff.  This is real content most adults don’t know repackaged to stick into the child’s brain.  Simply Awesome!  It’s what I always wanted, but couldn’t find.

They are not yet at Amazon.  I bought mine on the Focus on the Family website.  It is also available online at ChristianBookstore.com

Better yet, if you buy the first two DVD’s at the same time you get a sing-a-long CD for free at Whatsinthebible.com

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