Illness Policy

Illness Policy:

Illness policy(Click here to download pdf)

Young children have a hard time keeping their fingers clean and to themselves.  This allows them to pass germs to the other children very quickly.  The hope is that children that are sick will stay home to recover.  Not only to prevent them from spreading their illness to others, but also to protect them from acquiring additional germs to fight.  If they have internet, the parent can use videos for their bible lesson.  I intend to print extra lessons for non-internet parents to take home for those inevitable times of illness.

Everyone has their own tolerances to ill children.  It is important to show respect to parents who don’t share your view on illness tolerance.  At the same time it is more important to protect the children under your care at church as well as home.  I tend to lean to the “less tolerant” side of the spectrum.  If I see or hear about a situation I feel uncomfortable about, but the illness is conforming to our policy (meaning I can’t take the child out to sit with their parents), I will take my children out to sit with dad while I teach.  My proactive bent to stay away from know illness, comes from weeks of sick days due to our family’s size and ages.

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